Cost-Effective Carpet Cleaning

Dry steam cleaning is the most common and most cost-effective in the carpet cleaning industry. The process can be used on any carpet, but the most common application is on bonnet cleaning of carpets, carpets, and upholstery.

There are two options for working with steam cleaners. A home-based system uses either liquid or suction to roll the solution into the carpet or floor and then extract it. Professional systems are either heated water, to produce steam or equipment that produces the steam to work once the solutions are rolled into the carpet.

Both homes sandblasting equipment and professional systems are available to assist in the process of eliminating lingering odors in a home or business. In addition, the systems are designed to continue cleaning hours, once they have been applied, using special heat.

The sandblasting method is used for specific cleaning applications in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is considered the most effective way of removing soils and it has successful applications in many industries such as engine bonnet cleaning, metal cleaning, diamond grinding, and cement cleaning.

Tips for Sandblasting a Carpet

There are a number of ways to sandblast a carpet. First, you need to find the best method for your situation. There are two different approaches depending on your carpet situation.

  1. The first is to use a closed make shape tool, the most common and easiest to use for any carpet job. This is useful because it exposes the carpet fibers to the air stream and the nozzle cover allows for the carpet to be knocked into small sections. This is the best cleaning system for inexperienced carpet users and for cleaning carpets with excessive soil.
  2. Sandblasting through an open hole. For this method, you have to knock the carpet into small divided areas, form the carpet lose from its backing underlay, and then blow with air or a vacuum to remove soils and use a long head-activities nozzle opening into the wet carpet.

Before beginning the step, you need to determine the amount of water needed to achieve maximum cleaning. Most home systems use a 1-gallon bucket of water, while professional residential systems use 15-1 gallon buckets and tractor systems use 50-gallon tanks.

Once you have determined the amount of water needed to start the sandblasting process, you need to drop the hooked nozzle at a 45-degree angle into the floor until the spray reaches 0 degrees. Start moving the nozzle slowly toward the operator and stop the machine when it is submerged only an inch.

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